Summer Fun at Papa and Gigi's

In the middle of July we got to spend the weekend in St. Louis with the whole Mobley clan. Uncle Jason, Aunt Laura, Ethan, Noelle, Uncle Ryan, and Aunt Liz were all able to come for the fun. We spent one day exploring the science center and had family pictures the next, but we mostly just had fun staying around Papa and Gigi's house enjoying one another's company.

Morgan - 15 & 16 Months

Well here I am again, behind in my updates about our sweet third child. There are many excuses I could give for why I am so behind (painting every room in our townhome, several fun trips, a busy fun summer of parks and swimming, starting another year of homeschool) but the main one would be that Morgan is going to be a big brother. Because of this precious gift from the Lord I have been exhausted and not feeling so well so whenever I am not caring for my other precious gifts from the Lord I have not had any energy to do anything productive.

First Day of School 2013

Yesterday marked the Mobley Academy's first day of school for the 2013-2014 school year.

Julianne has been thrilled to begin first grade for weeks, but after a couple of assignments told me, "I don't really like school. I thought all we were going to be doing was learning cursive." It was a sad reality for her when I had to tell her that, yes, she would learn cursive, but that would only be a small part of what she would be learning this year. Math, reading, writing, spelling, recitation, science, social studies, and copybook still have to be done!

St. Louis Science Center

While we were in St. Louis we had the opportunity to go to the Science Center. The kids loved the dinosaur exhibit, the foam blocks to built an arch, and the walkway across the highway. Stephen and I both have great memories of the Science Center from our childhood and we were glad to be able to share it with the kids.

Cow Appreciation Day 2013

We were in St. Louis this year for Chick Fil A's Cow Appreciation Day, so the whole "herd" of Mobleys headed to Chick Fil A for breakfast. We enjoyed yummy chicken and the kids had fun playing in the play area. Here are some pictures.

Ballet Camp

Julianne and Lorelei had the opportunity to take part in a Ballet Camp with their friends Talia and Leila that was offered at Southern Seminary. It started at 9a.m. on Saturday and ended at 4p.m. Julianne had a great time and dove right in listening to teachers and meeting new friends. Lorelei was a little slower to warm up and spent the morning in Julianne's class, but eventually opened up to the idea of joining her class with her friend Leila after lunch. We had a lunch break and enjoyed getting to do a little swimming in the seminary pool while we waited for ballet camp to resume.

Father's Day 2013

For Father's Day this year we celebrated by going downtown to the riverfront on Saturday evening. We walked around Waterfront Park, ate at Joe's Crab Shack, and walked across Louisville's new walking bridge. It was a beautiful summer evening to be out and I am so thankful for the dedicated, loving, and wise father that Stephen is to our children.

Strawberry Picking 2013

This year we ventured up to Joe Huber's Farm to pick strawberries with several friends. Our friends, the Martins, were visiting from Georgia and our other friends from church, the Wilsons, came along too. The kids had a blast playing on the concrete animals, the giant slide, the playground, and of course picking strawberries too. When we began picking the strawberries I remembered back to a year ago and it quickly came back to me why I said I'd never pick strawberries with Morgan again. Last year he fussed and cried the entire time. This year was no different.

Morgan - 14 Months

Okay, Morgan will actually be 15 months in 3 days, but since I am behind in updating our website and don't want our sweet third child to feel any less loved than his sisters I feel compelled to title this post "14 Months". Our 14 month old has had a very busy month.

Pools and Playgrounds

Morgan is having so much fun now that he can walk and climb. He is fearless and lacks any kind of caution when it comes to playing on playground equipment. He will climb any ladder, go down any slide no matter how big, swing on any swing, and try to eat any piece of mulch he can gets his hands on. Because it is officially park season he has lots of opportunity to practice playing on the playground. As it has gotten warmer, outside time in the pool has begun as well. The several times we have gotten out the baby pool Morgan is the first one in and the last one out. He LOVES water!


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