Fayetteville, North Carolina

Almost three weeks ago my sister-in-law, my niece, my kiddos and myself set out for Fayetteville, North Carolina (a 9 hour drive from Louisville). We drove all day on Tuesday and on Wednesday we woke up ready to spend time with my cousin Peter, who has lives there. My uncle, aunt, and grandma were also there visiting so we had a wonderful time visiting with all of them. On Wednesday we visited the Botanical Gardens, walked around the mall, swam at the hotel, and enjoyed a yummy dinner at Mellow Mushroom.

It's a BOY!

We are excited to announce that Julianne, Lorelei, and Morgan will be having a baby brother sometime in late January. We already had some suspicions that this one might be a boy due to some things seen in my 12 week ultrasound and were overjoyed to find out that this was true. He seems to be healthy and growing normally and was quite active during the ultrasound. We are so thankful to God for the blessing of this baby boy and are excited to meet him!

SBTS Fall Festival

We had the opportunity to go to The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary's Fall Festival, which had a 1904 World's Fair theme. The entire event was very impressive. There was so much food: chick fil a, funnel cakes, cotton candy, pie, waffle cones and ice cream, popcorn, and deep fried oreos. On top of all that yummy fair food there were tents for each continent that had food that would be found on each of these continents. Not only was there a lot to eat but there was a lot to do. In each of these tents there were many things that you could do to learn about the continent.

Morgan - 17 Months

For the past months I have been woefully behind in updating you on our sweet growing one year old boy, so instead of being behind again because I once again don't have much time to spend writing about what Morgan is up to these days I am going to just leave you with a few pictures of what breakfast with Morgan looks like. On this particular day we were having oatmeal.

Labor Day Family Palooza

Like we have for the past several Labor Days we headed to the Family Palooza at Southeast Christian Church with our friends, the Balzers. Some new friends, the Luckys, came too and we had a lot of fun. Julianne and Morgan rode the ponies. Lorelei once again wanted nothing to do with riding the ponies, but she did enjoy the petting zoo. Julianne did several inflatable water slides and Morgan joined her on one of the non water bouncies. He even climbed one of the smaller slides and went down on his own. The girls got their faces painted and had snow cones and cotton candy.

Julianne's Six Year Old Birthday Party

Julianne has been planning her birthday party since the day after her fifth birthday. For the past year she has at least once a week told me what she wanted to do for her party when she turned six. When the time finally came to plan her party she decided to have an art party and she wanted to have a sleepover as well, so that's exactly what we did for our creative, art-lovin girl. She invited three sweet friends (Talia, Shiloh, and Sadie Beth) and spent the evening coloring, painting, and making jewelry. Julianne requested chicken pot pie and fruit salad for dinner.

Six Years Old

Julianne is six years old and this is what she did this year.

Kentucky State Fair 2013

We had a wonderful time at the Kentucky State Fair with our friends, the Balzers. We got to see many different animals (cows, rabbits, a horse, goats, sheep, pigs, a turkey, chickens) but the animals the kids loved the most were a group of baby ducklings. They were housed in a tub of water that had a ramp for them to climb and a feeding trough at the very edge of a steep slide. When they would try to peck at the food in the trough they would lose their footing and fall down the slide and they did this over and over again. It was quite entertaining!

Trip to Ohio on Julianne's Birthday

The day before Julianne's sixth birthday we took a trip to Cincinnati. We spent the first part of the day exploring the Cincinnati Children's Museum and then did a little shopping and eating at IKEA. The kids loved the Children's Museum. It had a water play area, a tree house climbing structure, a ball area, a play area for younger kids, and many different pretend play areas (construction, grocery store, mechanic shop, restaurant, nursery, and veterinarian office).

Summer Fun at Mimi's

In the middle of July Julianne, Lorelei and Morgan got to stay with Mimi for a whole week by themselves. They had a blast and Daddy and Mommy got some much needed painting done at our townhouse in Louisville. I was a little unsure of how Morgan would do, just because he is so young, but he did great and didn't even seem to miss us. The girls had a great time as always being away from home.


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