Thanksgiving 2013

We stayed in Louisville for Thanksgiving and Mimi, Uncle Steve, Aunt Shelley, Grandma Muhleman, and Peter came to celebrate with us. The week before Thanksgiving we spent quite a bit of time reading books and studying the origin of this holiday. By the end Julianne, Lorelei, and Morgan understood much more of how the first Thanksgiving was celebrated. Morgan calls most people "un-ee-uns"(Indians) now. The week before Thanksgiving we had a special Thanksgiving celebration with our friends Sadie Beth, Ainsley, and Melody. The kids helped make pupmkin pie for dessert.

Fall 2013 Ballet Recital

The girls had a wonderful opportunity to take ballet classes this fall at the seminary. Their teachers, Mrs. Hannah (Lorelei's teacher) and Mrs. Kortnea (Julianne's teacher) were wonderfully patient with the girls and the girls both looked forward to going to ballet every week. The girls were both in class with two of their good friends, Talia who is Julianne's age and Leila who is Lorelei's age. Last weekend they had their ballet recital which was held at the seminary. Julianne did so well during the dance that her class did.

Morgan - 19 Months

Morgan is actually a little over 19.5 months and I am just getting around to writing about his latest developments. Right around when he turned 19 months old he switched from calling Stephen and I "mama" and "dada" to "mommy" and "daddy". He has perfected the long "e" sound so he says these well along with the words "Abby", "me", "a-see"(Ainsley), "pee pee", "eat", "Mimi", "Gigi", "kitty", and "baby". His speech is getting a little more understandable, but even if he's not understood completely it doesn't stop him from trying to say just about anything.

First Haircuts

Well Julianne and I have had haircuts before, but Morgan (18 mos) and Lorelei (3.8 yrs) got their hair cut for the first time last week. Stephen was insistent that Morgan needed a cut since his blond wavy hair was getting comments like, "such a pretty little girl". It really was getting a little long, but I was kind of attached to his hair, so despite Stephen's pleas to get his hair cut short I asked our friend and hairstylist Natalie to shorten it but keep it a little long as to not lose all of the curls.

Halloween Fun

This year Halloween felt a little more drawn out than normal. Six days before Halloween we went to a Halloween party at Gattiland with our friends the Balzers (actually it was Blair and I with all eight of our children). We enjoyed a yummy pizza buffet then the kids got tatoos(temporary) and painted little pumpkins.

Tenth Anniversary Trip

Almost five months ago Stephen and I celebrated our tenth anniversary. We decided to take a trip by ourselves without the kids to celebrate and we were finally able to go on it. We flew to Salt Lake City, Utah last Monday and spent the first couple of days with the mission team that was there from our church. We toured the Mormon visitor's center at Temple Square and then had pizza at a local pizzeria. On Tuesday we drove to Park City which is about thirty minutes from Salt Lake and up in the Wasatch Mountains.

Morgan - 18 Months

I say this with each child, but I cannot believe Morgan is already a year and a half. It feels like we just celebrated his first birthday. He continues to be such a blessing to our family and makes all of us laugh. He is definitely all boy.

Teeth and Ears

Julianne has had two loose teeth for about four months which have been getting increasingly more loose as her adult teeth came in behind them. After a pillow fight with Peter while in Fayetteville, North Carolina she lost her very first tooth which she received two dollars for. Her second loose tooth is still hanging on by a thread and has been threatened to be pulled by daddy if she doesn't do it herself. We shall see.

Fall at Hubers 2013

This past weekend my mom (Mimi) came to visit and help us after my recent surgery. On Saturday afternoon we headed to Joe Huber's Farm with her, Uncle Andy, Aunt Sarah and Lily. The kids got to play on the playground, go down the giant tube slide, and sit on the concrete animals. We picked apples and pumpkins and then enjoyed a delicious dinner at the restaurant. I know I say this often but doing these different experiences with my children shows me how very different they are. When we picked apples Julianne almost single handedly picked ten pounds of apples.

Wilmington, North Carolina

While we were visiting North Carolina we decided to drive a couple hours east to Wilmington, North Carolina to play at the beach for the day. We all had a blast. It was fun, again, to see the kid's personalities come out as they explored this new environment. Julianne plunged into the ocean without any thought and loved jumping over the waves, going under the water, and exploring with anyone who would take her to deeper water. She had a great time creating sand art projects, collecting shells, and even found a sand dollar.


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