Nolan - 1 Month

Nolan turned one month old on Monday and went to his one month check up on Tuesday. His stats were as follows: Length- 21.25 in(12%), Weight- 9lbs 2oz(14%), Head circumference- 14.6in(11%). He is a little guy but he is definitely growing and the doctor was very pleased with his weight gain.

Nolan's First Trip to St. Louis

At four weeks old Nolan made his first trek to St. Louis. He did marvelously on the car ride there and back and slept the entire time. He got to meet his Great Grandma Muhleman, Great Uncle Steve, and Great Aunt Shelley and got to see Mimi, Papa, and Gigi again. On Friday we went to the St. Louis Zoo with Aunt Sarah, Lily, Mrs. Sue, and Mr. Bill. The kids had a blast at the Children's Zoo, saw a five month old baby elephant, and rode the carousel. Morgan asked about the "bee-buhs"(zebras) all morning long so we made the walk across the zoo to see them.

Family Pictures with Nolan - February 2014

On Valentine's Day we had pictures taken at Portrait Innovations. Overall the kids were cooperative. Nolan was not pleased with any pictures taken where he had to be set down which was pretty much every individual picture of him bu we got a couple pictures of him not crying. Here are the best ones.

Valentine's Day 2014

On Valentine's Day we woke up and had a special breakfast of heart shaped muffins and the kids opened their Valentine's gifts. Julianne and Lorelei got a sticker art activity and Morgan got a new lunch bag and some cars. Stephen had also gotten the girls cloth roses. Julianne surprised us all with gifts too. She gave Lorelei a porcelain doll. She gave Morgan a little plastic dog and gave Nolan and daddy a paper Valentine that she had made. She gave me a pair of her earrings and a ring.

Valentine Party

A few days before Valentine's Day our good friends, the Trapps, threw a Valentine's party at Chuck E. Cheese. We started by decorating Valentine's that will be given to children who are at Kosair Children's Hospital. After this the kids had pizza for lunch and then got to play games. Chuck E. Cheese, who is a mouse, came out several times to greet the kids. Lorelei just about jumped over the table and into my arms the first time he came by. She got more and more comfortable with him though and bragged for days afterwards that she gave Chuck E.

Snow Much Fun

We have had a very snowy winter this year and have had lots of opportunity to play in the snow. We haven't actually gone sledding on any large hills but we took our sleds in our slightly sloped front hard and the kids had fun sledding that way. Morgan's favorite activity in the snow is to eat as much of it as he can. Lorelei has enjoyed making snow angels and Julianne has liked getting to start snowball fights. Here are some pictures.

100th Day of School

The week before Nolan was born we celebrated our 100th day of school. We had our good friends, the Balzers, over to celebrate. We did our usual calendar activities, listened to 100 minutes of music, read 100 words, wrote 100 words, built a tower with 100 legoes, did 100 exercises, read a 100th day of school book, made a 100 day snack mix, cut 100 pieces of fruit for a fruit salad, made a collage out of 100 items, and matched 100 socks. It was a fun day for everyone!

Nolan - Weeks 2 and 3

The past two weeks have flown by and Nolan is now three weeks old. His little life still consists only of sleeping, dirtying his diaper, eating, crying, and a little happy awake time. He is still nursing every two hours during the day and eats every two to four hours at night. Over the past couple of weeks he has either done really well sleeping and settling down at night or VERY poorly. It seems like he has a few good nights and then a few bad nights and then a few good nights and then a few bad nights.

Morgan - 22 Months

Morgan is less than two months away from turning two and seems more grown up every day. He has transitioned beautifully into becoming a big brother and loves Nolan very much. Whenever Nolan is near Morgan gets close to his face and says "hi baby" over and over again in a sweet little voice.

Week One

When we got home from the hospital on Sunday with Nolan, Mimi stayed with us for a few days and we had a great time with her. On Monday Nolan went to the pediatrician for a weight check and then to the mall for lunch and some time to walk around. On Tuesday Nolan went to his first movie (Frozen) with his sisters, mommy, Mimi, Aunt Sarah, and Lily. Later that evening Nolan had his first experience at Mark's Feed Store. He sat by the fireplace in his carseat for most of the time.


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