Pictures with Mimi

Mimi came to Louisville for Easter weekend and we took her to Portrait Innovations to get some pictures of her and the grandkids. Here are the results.

Trip to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A couple of weeks ago we headed to Oklahoma City which is about 12 hours away from Louisville. We split the trip up in two days going there and stopped in St. Louis for the night and then stopped for a lunch break in Springfield to see Grandma Northrip and Aunt Valerie. When we got to Oklahoma City we went straight to Uncle Ryan and Aunt Liz's new house for dinner. The girls loved dressing up in Aunt Liz's dresses and high heels. Morgan was just glad to be out of the car and ran circles in the house.

Trip to St. Louis - Spring 2014

Almost a month ago we went to St. Louis for a long weekend to spend time with our friends Chip and Claire. It had been over a year since we had seen them and we had the privilege of celebrating with them in a baby shower as they prepare for the arrival of their daughter. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Nolan's Smiles

Well, right after I wrote that Nolan wasn't smiling much he started doing it a lot. For the past couple of weeks Nolan has been so smiley. He loves to smile at his siblings and other kids especially but he saves some of his smiles for those people who will talk to him in a sing songy kind of voice. It is just precious! He also has started laughing. He is super ticklish especially when he is having his clothes or diaper changed. Here are some pictures of our sweet smiley two month old.

Morgan's Second Birthday Party

The week after Morgan's birthday we invited some friends to the park to have lunch and cake to celebrate Morgan's birthday. There ended up being 18 kids and 10 adults and we had a great time. The kids loved playing at the park!

Morgan's Second Birthday

On Morgan's birthday we were in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for Uncle Ryan and Aunt Liz's wedding day. We started out the morning with breakfast at the hotel. Morgan picked fruit loops, orange juice, and milk for his breakfast. After breakfast Morgan opened birthday presents from Uncle Jason and Aunt Laura, Papa and Gigi, Mimi, and Daddy and Mommy. Since we didn't bring many toys with us on our trip he was so excited to play with these new toys. His favorite gifts were several new toy vehicles, an Elmo CD player, some new legoes, and an Elmo cup.

Two Years Old

Morgan is now two years old. We went to his two year old well check and his stats were as follows: Weight- 27lbs 15oz(48%), Length- 34.25in(41%), Head circumference- 19in(37%). He is continuing to deal with ear infections and has eczema but otherwise he checked out healthy. Developmentally he is right on track for a two year old. He is talking more clearly and is speaking mostly in phrases and sentences.

Nolan - 2 Months

Our sweet Nolan turned two months old earlier this week and went to his two month old well check. His stats were as follows: Weight- 10lbs 15oz(16%), Length- 22.5in(15%), Head Circumference- 15.25in(11%). Other than having a minor cold he checked out healthy. He did manage to spit up all over the doctor while the doctor was examining Nolan.

Morgan - 23 Months

Morgan is acting more like a two year old every day, which is fitting since his second birthday is about two and a half weeks away. He is very opinionated about what he wants, often demanding it, and when told no he screams and throws himself on the floor. He is also talking much more and stringing several words together.

2013-2014 School Pictures

This school year we have been attending a co-op for homeschool families called Cross Academy. We meet every Monday from 9am-2pm and the kids get to take different classes. Nolan and Morgan are in the nursery. Lorelei is in the three and four year old class. Some of the classes she has taken this year are Letters and Numbers, Community Helpers, Circle Time, Pre-Handwriting Without Tears, and Everybody Has a Body.


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