Nolan, Morgan, Lorelei, or Julianne?

With each one of our children we have taken a picture when they have been about three month old in the same yellow outfit. Stephen has always loved this outfit and has put each one of them in it whenever he gets the chance to dress them. Here are pictures of all of them in the beloved yellow outfit. Can you tell who's who?

Nolan - 4 Months

Nolan spent his four month birthday with Great-Grandma Muhleman, Great-Uncle Steve, and Great-Aunt Shelley. They came to visit us for the weekend and we had a fun filled day of playing and eating at Waterfront Park. Nolan went to his four month well check a few days later. His stats were as follows: Weight- 14 lbs 14.8 oz(37%), Height- 25 in(39%), and Head Circumference- 16.5 in(30%). The appointment started out with all the normal questions about how he was doing and the doctor said several times what a happy baby he seemed to be.

Cross Academy 2013-2014

This past school year we were blessed to be part of Cross Academy which is a homeschool co-op that meets on Mondays at Ninth and O Baptist Church. We met from 9a.m. to 2p.m. and had four different hours of classes with an assembly and lunch time in between. Some of the classes Julianne took were: Ancient Civilizations, Music, P.E., Art, Geography, Five in a Row, and Zoology. Her favorite class was Art, which is not surprising for our little artist.

AWANA 2013-2014

Julianne has been part of AWANA for five years and Lorelei has been part of AWANA for two years and both girls have loved it. The focus of AWANA is Scripture memorization and I am so thankful that our church encourages our children to "hide God's Word in their hearts." This year Lorelei was in three year old Cubbies. She loved her teachers, Mr. Mark and Mrs. Beth, and enjoyed all of the friends in her class. Each week we would read a story about Cubbie Bear, a Bible story that connected to the Cubbie Bear story, and then we'd work on memorizing a short Bible verse.

Nolan's First Tooth

Nine days after Nolan turned three months old he sprouted his first tooth. I was not in any way looking for it but happened to see a little white spot on his gum as he smiled at me. I stuck my finger in his mouth and sure enough a little tooth was poking through. Since then he has had his fingers, blankets, toys, or someone else's finger in his mouth, chewing desperately on it. He hasn't seem very bothered by getting this tooth and is not any fussier because of it.

12519 Brothers Avenue

12519 Brothers Avenue has been the home we have lived in for the past nine years and it is now for sale. When we came to Louisville nine years ago, newly married and without children, we were originally looking for a free standing house to make our home but we quickly found that this was not financially possible for the area of Louisville we wanted to live in. So we started looking at condominiums and townhomes. We were not super excited about the lack of space, sharing walls, or not having much of a yard. After we looked at this townhouse, though, we knew it was the place for us.

Trip to Build a Bear with Mimi

Mimi took Lily and Morgan to Build a Bear and let them pick out their own stuffed animal. Lily picked out a rabbit and Morgan picked out a lamb. He liked the machine that had all the stuffing but quickly got tired of waiting in line for his lamb to get stuffed. After his lamb was stuffed his sister helped him give his lamb a bath and comb his lamb's hair. Truthfully, they did all of this and he took a brush and combed his own hair. It was a fun time!

Spring 2014 Ballet Recital

Julianne and Lorelei have taken ballet for another semester with their friends Talia and Leila. Ms. Jill and Ms. Hannah were Julianne's teachers and Ms. Kara was Lorelei's teacher. They loved going to ballet each week and this semester loved getting to wear pretty costumes for the recital. Julianne did a wonderful job watching her teacher to know what she should be doing for their part of the program. Lorelei did a good job too, but sometimes got a little carried away with a certain dance step and would miss the next thing because she was so concentrated on doing that one thing.

Nolan - 3 Months

Nolan has become such a happy baby over the past month. A couple of days after I told his pediatrician at his two month check up that he didn't smile much he, of course, started smiling a lot. He loves to smile at anyone who will talk in a sing songy voice to him. He especially gives smiles to his brother and sisters. A few weeks ago he started laughing too. He mainly does this during diaper and clothing changes because he is very ticklish. If you tickle him too much it becomes a very pained laugh.

Easter 2014

Mimi was able to come to Louisville for Easter weekend this year and we had a blast with her. On Good Friday we had pictures taken of Mimi and the grandkids and then went to lunch at Zoe's Kitchen. Yum!


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