Soccer - Fall 2016

This fall Lorelei played on a first and second grade girls team in the Murray recreation league. She had a great time playing with 10 other girls her age and made some good friends. She was a little hesitant and timid starting the season but quickly warmed up to the idea of enjoying playing soccer and improved quite a bit. She is not the most aggressive player but is a fast runner and is quite capable of handling the ball. She made two goals in one game this season, but really enjoyed being with her teammates and of course, having the end of the game treat.

Oraleigh - 8 Months

Oraleigh is still on the move and has gotten much faster at crawling. She can get just about anywhere and is into everything wherever she goes. She dumps out puzzles, scatters Legoes, gets into the plastic cup drawer and throws them all over the kitchen, and regularly gets the tv remote basket down to scatter our remotes all over the living room. Her siblings still love her, but she’s starting to fall out of favor with them as she gets into their things. Oraleigh has gotten much better at standing independently. She pulls up on furniture and then lets go, standing for 10-20 seconds.

Oraleigh - 7 Months

Oraleigh has been experimenting with crawling since she was five months old, but finally figured out how to crawl forward the day after she turned seven month old. A week or two later she started pulling up to stand while holding onto a piece of furniture. And soon after that she started experimenting with standing on her own. This month has been a season of gross motor development for this girl. She is constantly moving.

Julianne's Ninth Birthday

Our sweet and independent Julianne turned nine years old on August 17. She wanted doughnuts and chocolate milk for breakfast then I took her and some friends to get their nails done (her request). Afterwards I brought all the girls back to our house and we had a tea party luncheon. The girls enjoyed hanging out and were a pleasure to be around. They are a sweet group of friends. That afternoon Julianne’s neighborhood friend, Bryce, came over to play and that evening we had a fire pit and roasted hot dogs for dinner to go with Cheetos and veggies.

Nolan's Big Boy Bed

At the beginning of August we finally moved Nolan out of the crib and into a bed. We moved the bunk bed from the girl’s room into the boy’s room and now Nolan is sleeping on the bottom bunk and Morgan is on the top bunk. Nolan has done great sleeping in his new bed and for the most part he stays in his bed and waits for us to come and get him.

Camping - Summer 2016

We went camping for the first time as a family this summer. We went with two other families to Redwood Campground in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The campsite we stayed on was amazing. It was a double site and had plenty of room, lots of trees, a stream running through it, a stack of logs that acted as a house that the kids played in, and it was located near the restrooms. The kids had a wonderful time playing in the stream, making a dam, exploring the woods and rock formations near the site, creating a house out of a tarp and some sticks, playing Frisbee, and getting in Mr.

Oraleigh - 6 Months

Oraleigh is now six months (half a year) old. She has been trying to move for the past month but isn’t going anywhere fast. She loves to get up on her knees and rock back and forth and will even get up on her hands and toes, but so far she isn’t interested in going forward. She rolls to the side and scoots backward to end up halfway across the room and can propel herself forward a little bit by lunging forward while on her hands and knees if there is something she wants that is close by.

Visit with Uncle Steve, Aunt Shelley, and Grandma Muhleman - July 2016

Uncle Steve, Aunt Shelley, and Grandma Muheleman came for a visit at the end of July and we had a wonderful time with them. We made apricot jam, listened to many of Grandma Muhleman’s life stories, took a trip to the mall, ate at Ruth’s Diner, hiked around Silver Lake, walked around a few ski resorts, went to Park City, got cookies at Ruby Snap, enjoyed a view of Salt Lake City from Ensign Peak, went to Heber City, enjoyed mountain views as we drove through the Wasatch Mountains, swam, ate lots of yummy food, and celebrated Julianne and Aunt Shelley’s birthdays.

Cow Appreciation Day 2016

July 12 was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil A so we put on our cow costumes and enjoyed the fun and free food at our favorite restaurant. We celebrated for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We may have a Chick Fil A addiction!

Summer 2016

We had a very busy and fun summer! We started out our summer with a big road trip to Louisville, Nashville, and St. Louis. As soon as we got back from this 16 day trip we went straight into a four day soccer camp and a busy track season for Julianne and Lorelei. We had a Jamboree (a community party put on by Hope Church) in June and in August again. We also spent all summer planning, preparing, and praying for the re-launch of Hope Church at Salt Mine. We spent a couple days a week (for a couple of hours) prayer walking in the neighborhoods around our new location.


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