In a real-time, multi-channel world, consumers expect far more than they have before. Do you have a customer service culture that’s focused on your customer’s needs?

Take a look at Ntouch’s 3 New Years Resolutions and how we can help you achieve them for the year ahead.

1. Provide a personal human touch in a digital world

Under the pretence of efficiency, many call centres respond to high call and email volumes by routing all contact through one central hub and allocating consumers to whichever agent becomes free first. This often leads to generic responses and a lack of personal care and attention. However at Ntouch, by using specialised tools to help route and prioritise to the right agent, we can make sure that the same customer deals with the same customer service representative. This leads to greater efficiency, reduced response times, better case resolution and higher satisfaction rates. 

2. Take advantage of the rise in mobile use

The shift from the use of desktop computers to smartphones is changing the types of interactions that customers have with companies. The immediacy of social platforms represents a real opportunity for companies to engage with customers, potentially at the point-of-purchase. Surprising and delighting the consumer in real-time helps build brand advocates, a critical advantage in a competitive market. But if you adopt social media platforms, make sure you have the ability to manage them efficiently. It’s unrealistic to expect your customer service agents to be checking Facebook and Twitter every few minutes, so explore software like the Ntouch ‘Social Media Radar’ which instantly identifies sentiment on brands, products, campaigns or complaints by pinpointing trending hashtags and key words. It prompts our customer service team when they need to respond to an enquiry or complaint ensuring customers don’t get overlooked and the agent’s time is managed effectively.

3. Use customer service data to deliver actionable business insight

In order to deliver a service that inspires purchase, we need to understand shopper behaviour across multiple channels of contact. Insight data gives you the opportunity to study realistic feedback, it allows you to make informed decisions about your future brand and marketing strategy, and achieve optimal return from campaigns. Ntouch does this though our ‘Customer Insight’ department. We can tell you what your customers are saying, feeling and how they are responding to your products and services. This can be achieved by service benchmarking against your competitors, telephone surveys to collect verbatim responses to frequent issues, and operations audits to identify gaps in your customer service journey.

Improve your customer service culture and 2014 will be best year for your business yet!