Customer Service Journeys document the experience customers have from their point of desire to fulfillment. It includes not only the interactions a person has with a company, but also the touch points where their impression of the brand is impacted.

“Customer journeys are multi-channel and change direction at a customer's whim — after all, it’s their journey, not yours” (CMSWire)

Evaluating the customer service journey is not a way to box customers into a desired path, it’s a way for brands to better understand customer desires, anticipate needs and uncover opportunities to delight.

But before you can measure this in a meaningful way, you need to draw up clear strategic goals as well as the key performance indicators you will use to measure them. This way you will be able to pinpoint issues, track them back to their source, and apply improving actions. This process will help you to optimise every step of the customer journey so that you can keep customers on the desired path at every point of interaction.

It’s crucial that your customer never reaches the end of their journey with you.

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