Whether they are criticising or praising your products or brand, customers are online and louder than ever!

Not just loud, consumers can amplify their message in a multitude of ways.

Facebook and Twitter provide the main platforms for airing thousands of uncensored opinions – any one of which could have serious consequences for your brand.

Many businesses have found social media hard to monitor and regulate efficiently, consequently customers are either ignored or not responded to correctly.

There is a huge and rapidly growing group of your customers and consumers who exclusively use social media when they want to talk to you – what is your strategy for answering them?

Ntouch have developed some cost effective solutions.

Firstly we looked at the best way to manage social media and we have now developed an effective strategy and can now offer this to you as a service.

To further improve cost efficiency we are also developing ‘Social Media Radar’ application. This innovative service constantly sweeps your social media platforms for key words and terms, spots service issues to ensure a swift and professional response is provided to your customers.

Data gathered can be analysed to provide the frequency of particular questions or problems, which may have been overlooked in other areas of customer contact.

Why not give us a call today to find out how we can help you manage consumer contact from social media, email, phone calls and even old fashioned letters.

We are here to provide the human voice in a digital world.