Customer service is fundamental to your brands reputation. It can be one of the more difficult assets to manage, so the question is, to outsource or not?

Cutting costs and saving time

Customer service outsourcing is certainly a way to free your business from the time and expense required to run an effective customer care centre. Organisations that run their own contact and fulfilment departments, often find that they experience higher costs. When you outsource your customer service, you do not need to invest large amounts of money on employee training, extra staff or purchasing expensive technology to get the best out of your customer service. Outsourcing your customer service can also help you save on time, which means you can focus your talents on other areas of your company while concentrating on its long-term, strategic processes. This will allow you to have the advantage of progressing and staying ahead of your competitors.

Dealing with peak volumes

At Christmas time customer service can be flooded with enquires and complaints. When the volumes are far from steady, outsourcing your customer service can be extremely beneficial. If you find that for three-quarters of the year you need 20 members of staff on the phone but for the final quarter you need 100, then this is the type of model where outsourcing could become increasingly beneficial. 

21st century call centres

Forget your view of call centres being run by inexperienced, uninterested people who live on the other side of the world. We are in the 21st-century where customer service has improved dramatically and in recent years there has been a marked shift away from the offshoring of contact centres.

Here at Ntouch, we provide our talented staff with thorough training. This helps us provide you with meaningful dialogue with your customers, which provides you with longer and more profitable lifecycle.

More options and technology

Outsourcers often work with a wide range of services which means that they could have access to options and technology that you do not.

Here at Ntouch, we provide several services. These include consumer helplines, complaint management and brand protection, online retail support, social media response, customer insight data reports and fulfilment services such as running competitions.

Customer Service Outsourcing to Suit Your Needs

There is no "one size fits all" customer service outsourcing solution. There are significant differences between companies in a certain industry as well as significant differences across industries. Every company has its own culture and brand image it wants to portray.

Ntouch’s range of services enable us to provide service outsourcing capabilities that fit your company’s requirements.