Halloween gripped the Ntouch office last week with our annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. Have a look at some of the brilliant Ntouch entries for this year’s competition.

Which one gets your winning vote to win?

You could go for the pretty glittery one or the spooky skeleton leaking blood……eugh!

As usual our entirely impartial judge Andrew Lane was raised from the grave to do the judging!

In joint second places comes…BOO! A great attempt by Andy and the skeletons face by Christine.

And the winner, drum roll please, was the lovely Jessie’s with the amazing haunted house carved pumpkin, complete with spooky spiders and someone trying to claw their way out! I wonder who she put in there and how did she do it….. Witchcraft?........ I wonder if there’s an Ntouch ducking stool!

As usual lots of thought, fun and effort has gone into this year’s pumpkin competition, it’s a wonder how the team still manage to provide great customer service and find out what people think about brands! As the saying (sort of) goes, ‘you need to be mad to work here, but at least we are happy!’