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Lorelei's Here!

Lorelei was born on 12/28 at 3:37 PM. She weighed in at 6 lbs., 7.4 oz. and measured 19.5". Allison and she are doing well. Thanks for your prayers and encouraging words, and thanks, as always, to the professional medical staff of Baptist Hospital East. Enjoy the pictures!

Memory Verse #2 - Deuteronomy 33:3

"He loved the people."

One Year Old


First Year


Trip to Huber's Farm

Five Years... and Counting

Today we celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. These first five years have been wonderful and amazing. Our love has blossomed and grown deeper with each passing year. Since the high school sweetheart days, God was weaving our lives together in preparation for the day we wed. I am so grateful we have had so many incredible years of love and friendship as we have grown to love one another more.


Julianne - two months

Julianne is now two and a half months old - that's incredible! We have been amazed how quickly this time has passed already. Julianne is smiling so much of the time, grasping onto things (including mommy's hair), and sleeping through the night like a bedtime champ. These last few weeks have been so joyful watching her grow and change. Julianne has learned to control her head (most of the time), make eye contact when we say her name, and stand up with help from mom and dad. This month Jewels got to experience her first shots - she handled them like a pro.

Julianne - week 6-7

These last two weeks we've celebrated great milestones together as a family. Julianne has been sleeping really well through the night, normally going about 6-7 hours. In fact, last night Julianne went 8 hours without waking. We are so thankful for her ability to sleep well, and pray it continues. Allison and I feel rested and refreshed. Last Sunday was Julianne's first experience in the church nursery. We took her to ABF with us, but since both Allison and I sang during the service, it necessitated the trip to the nursery.


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