Thanksgiving 2016 and Mimi's Visit

Mimi came for a long weekend at the end of November. We went together to our annual Hope Church meal prep event. We didn’t deliver the meals, but we headed home to make food for our own dinner. After an afternoon of cooking, we enjoyed dinner with Mimi and our friends, the Blevins. On Friday we put up Christmas decorations and Mimi took the kids out a couple at a time to Toys R Us and Chick fil a. That night we opened Christmas presents from one another and drank hot chocolate while we watched Elf.

Oraleigh - 10 Months

The day that Oraleigh turned ten months she took her first steps. She tries to take 2-5 steps then falls down on her bottom. Her main mode of transportation is still crawling though and she can get anywhere pretty fast. Some of her favorite places to go are the bathroom to play in the toilet which her siblings regularly forget to flush (yuck!), the office, which has a junk pile that she likes to scatter everywhere, and the drawers in the kitchen so she can empty out all of the nicely folded towels and small kitchen gadgets.

Halloween 2016

A few days before Halloween the kids enjoyed a Halloween themed library storytime. The librarians at the Murray Library always do such a good job providing books, songs, poems, and activities that engage children. After storytime the kids got to parade around the library wearing their Halloween costumes and then got to have a doughnut. On Halloween we dressed up for co-op and had a fun Halloween party at lunchtime.

Oraleigh - 9 Months

Right at 9 months Oraleigh started standing up without having to pull up on something. She loves to do this and wave her arms until she loses her balance and falls with a thud onto her diapered bottom. She continues to crawl at great speed and sometimes tries to go so fast that her arms can’t keep up with her and she falls on her face. She is not yet creeping along furniture but likes to push chairs, her activity table, and stools. A few weeks into her ninth month she attempted to take her first step. She desperately wants to be upright and keep up with her siblings.

Antelope Island - Fall 2016

We enjoyed a beautiful, warm day at Antelope Island at the beginning of November. We hiked on Lady Finger trail and the kids enjoyed climbing all over this rocky trail. We walked down to the Great Salt Lake shoreline and found bird bones, rocks, and animal tracks on the sand. As we drove around the island, we spotted bison, mule deer, pronghorn, a jackrabbit, and many types of birds.

Fall Fun 2016

During the fall we went to Petersen Family Farm. The kids enjoyed feeding the animals, digging and burying themselves in the corn pit, playing on the straw pyramid, going down the big slides, looking through the field of pumpkins, sitting on old tractors, and eating freshly picked apples. The next day we went to a pumpkin patch with our friends, the Monges. The kids picked out pumpkins, went down an enormous bouncy slide, jumped and did flips on the bouncies, played in a corn pit, and then we had a picnic at a close by park. We painted pumkins and carved a pumpkin too.

Hidden Peak

At the end of October we drove up in Big Cottonwood Canyon to Snowbird Ski Resort and rode the Aerial Tram up to Hidden Peak, which is almost 11,000 feet above sea level. It was warm in the valley (70 degrees), cool in the canyon (50 degrees), and just plain cold on the peak (30 degrees). Once we were up on the peak we quickly took pictures of the view and then headed inside the lodge to warm up. The kids loved the tram ride and enjoyed seeing and playing with snow on the peak.

Cross Country 2016

Julianne participated in cross country this fall and improved her times each race. She started out running a 2k but then for the next two races she ran a 3k. Running the 3k was a challenge for her but she shaved almost a minute off her time between the last two races. Her fastest time for the 3k was around 18 minutes. She had a good time running and always looked forward to practices. It was a fun season!

First Time Ice Skating

The Salt Lake public skating rink offered a free day to skate in September so we took the kids, got skates on them, and sent them out to try out ice skating. They had instructors on the ice to help. Julianne did not want to skate with the walkers they have to assist new skaters and mainly stayed around the edges to use for support. She was not super steady but worked hard, didn’t give up, and improved in her skating abilities. Lorelei, on the other hand, used the walker the entire time and skated confidently all around the rink with a friend of hers.


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