Advanced curriculum content, tailored to the specialization, is provided in the areas of mental health, child and family services, organization and community practice, and school social work practice. Academically, it has exceptionally high requirements for admission test scores, generally admitting students who score in the top 2 percent. A unique feature of this specialization is its focus on the family, broadly defined to include extended and augmented family members in their communities. School of Social Service Administration The MSW program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). It prepares students to build urban organizations and communities that are physically, socially, economically and environmentally healthy. Degree requirements include completion of 120 earned credit hours. Placements in the field are an important part of the MSW program, and provide students with hands-on, real-world experience that prepares them for practice with at-risk individuals, groups, families and communities. Every MSW student is required to have completed a statistics course within the past four years with a grade of "C" or better at the start term of their MSW program. the site search form, To be eligible for admission, your transcript must show you earned a bachelor's degree or a bachelor's degree is in progress. The student selects a specialization and registers for their class schedule. the secondary menu, Learn more about how to apply to undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Chicago. The curriculum is designed to give students an understanding of various clients ranging from those with mild distress to those with severe mental health conditions including mood, anxiety, psychotic, personality disorders and substance use disorders. "Without scholarship support, I would not have been able to attend the University of Chicago. Employing an ecological perspective to develop school social work practice, the specialization focuses on the transactions between students and their environment, and Critical Service Learning is a key component of the curriculum. Field Instruction requirement is 24 hours per week in specialization year (min. In reviewing an application, we look for students who have experience in or related to social work prior to beginning their social work studies and have demonstrated strong academic and field performance. Throughout the courses students are taught a strengths-based and ecosystems approach to assessment and intervention with at-risk populations in an urban environment. Only students enrolled in the Mental Health or School Specializations are eligible to apply for admission into this program. This includes specified credit hours per week of supervised field work in the first year, followed by specified credit hours per week of supervised field work in … Learn More ». The School Social Work Specialization prepares students with competencies for advanced practice in urban public school settings. A total of 9 to 14 courses plus an internship are required for the Master of Social Work. Requires 2 days per week of classroom courses. The curriculum is grounded equally in theory and practical application. The degree usually takes two years of classroom work along with at least 900 hours of internship work, also called "field work." University of Chicago ACT Requirements. Contact Attend one of our Information sessions, where you will hear from faculty, staff, current students and alumni about the MSW program. Students will gain the skills required to address structural inequities through organizational leadership, community practice, advocacy and policy reform. This score makes University of Chicago Extremely Competitive for ACT scores. The University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration (SSA) helped found the field of social work more than a century ago and is one of the highest ranked schools of social work in the nation. We look forward to reading your application. Graduates of this program are well positioned for leadership roles in clinical, human services, outreach, and development settings. ", The University of Chicago English Language Requirements. Learn More », Integrated Substance Use Disorder Training Program: Specialized training in evidence-based practices to serve individuals with substance use disorders in integrated care settings. Certified copies of transcripts are acceptable; faxed copies of transcripts are not considered official. Crucial factors in the admission decision include: special distinction in undergraduate work, volunteer or work experience in the field of social welfare, letters of recommendation, the candidate's written statement, and outstanding achievements. Note: Applicants who confirm their offer of admission are required to submit a hard copy of their sealed final official undergraduate transcript with posted degree to: Jane Addams College of Social Work Office of Admissions University of Illinois at Chicago 1040 W. Harrison Street, 4355 ETMSW (MC 309) Chicago, Illinois 60607-7134 450 hours total). We require an undergraduate degree in social work (BSW) for applicants to the Social Work and Social Welfare (SW) Advanced Standing Master's Program. Field Instruction requirement is 16 hours per week in the 2nd generalist year (min. UIC's seven health sciences colleges and health care delivery enterprise. We recommend using the latest version of IE11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Degree Requirements Hours. Specialization (2nd year): Requires 2 days per week of classroom courses. SSA offers two distinctive programs: Social Work, Social Policy, and Social Administration (SW) and Social Sector Leadership and Nonprofit Management (SSL). Transfer of Credit. Graduate Application Requirements. The SSA master's programs have been continuously accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and its predecessor organizations since 1919. Field Instruction requirement is 16 hours per week in the generalist year (min. The student is assigned a daytime class schedule and cohort by the college. Learn More ». 1040 West Harrison Street (MC309), Chicago, Illinois 60607-7134, © 2020 The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, Master of Social Work (MSW) Degree Program, Professional Educator License (PEL), School Social Worker Endorsement, Jane Addams Center for Social Policy and Research, Midwest Latino Health Research, Training and Policy Center, Training Institute for School Social Work Professionals. Transfer Students. The comprehensive and interdisciplinary nature of a SSA degree translates into greater flexibility and choice in your future career. All students admitted into the SSA doctoral program receive full funding, which covers up to five years of tuition and fees. For students who do not have a BSW, there is a 14 course requirement and a two-semester i… You can enter a Master of Social Work program with a bachelor's degree in virtually any field. The Generalist year of study requires 450 hours of field instruction, and the Specialization year requires 630 hours. Apply to SSA: have a GPA of 3.25 or higher and complete at least 40 of the required 42 credits for the undergraduate degree, including all general ed requirements and requirements for your major. In the doctoral program, you have the flexibility of designing your own course of study in tandem with related disciplines across the University of Chicago, home to some of the world's leading scholars in the social sciences. The application process for both Master's Programs is the same and SSA's criteria for admission to either program includes an earned baccalaureate degree from a college or university accredited by a recognized regional accrediting association. Begin joint residence status: 1st year of AM program: Residence in SSA status: 2nd year of AM program The program educates students for community-based clinical social work practice with individuals, families, and groups. This joint master’s degree, in partnership with the UIC School of Public Health, educates public health social workers who address health inequities in urban environments through prevention, intervention, research and advocacy. Interdepartmental Concentration in Gender and Women’s Studies (GWS): Students must be accepted into the MSW program before they can be eligible for the GWS concentration. Applicants to the MSW program are expected to meet the following criteria: A bachelor’s degree with a liberal arts perspective from an accredited college or university; or a bachelor’s degree in social work from an accredited undergraduate social work program. MSW Requirements. If you have earned a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from an accredited social work program within the past seven years, you are considered to have met the foundation coursework requirements and, therefore, have 9 courses to complete and a one semester internship. Learn More », Integrated Behavioral Health Care Training Program: Specialized training in integrated evidence-based behavioral health practices for underserved individuals across the lifespan. Completion of the concentration requires a minimum of 16 credit hours (typically four semester-long courses). Our CSWE-accredited Master of Social Work degree program prepares students with the competencies and practice behaviors necessary for advanced social work practice in an area of specialization. After reading the information below, first time users can create a new account to start their application. (773) 702-1250Privacy Notice. Of those applicants who were admitted, 77% chose to enroll. Copies and faxes are not accepted as official documents; we must receive test scores directly from the testing service. Child and Family: The Child and Family Specialization emphasizes trauma-informed, strengths-based and family-centered practice and community-based services as contexts for helping graduates provide children and their families integrated services. The average ACT score at University of Chicago is 34. Please note that our programs all start in the Autumn Quarter with the exception of the Advanced Standing Master's Progra… Students who do not meet this requirement at the point of admission must fulfill the requirement by the end of their start term. Applicants to the Division of the Social Sciences and the University of Chicago who do not meet the criteria below must submit proof of English language proficiency. The Master of Social Work (MSW) program prepares students for advanced social work practice. the site home page. Applications for admission to the Berkeley Full-time MSW or Flex MSW programs must include all of the following items: A completed UC Berkeley Graduate and Professional Application for Admission. School Social Work: Urban school systems are at the center of contemporary efforts to improve the quality of life for the most at-risk urban populations. Academic requirements for program admission, program advancement, course requirements and syllabi, objectives and expectations, and degree requirements are identical to the MSW Campus Program. With an emphasis on culturally grounded services in urban environments, the curriculum equips students to work in a variety of interprofessional settings. The PhD in social work opens doors to university-level research and teaching positions, and high-level policy research. As a trained social worker with a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree, you will have the knowledge and the skills to advance social and racial justice, and help create a more equitable society. The Master of Social Work program at the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown is a part-time program offered at Pitt's campus in Johnstown, Pa. Both offer a broad educational and experiential approach that will prepare you to be a force of positive change in people's lives. The Master of Social Work (MSW) program will prepare you for advanced social work, with attention to professional ethics, respect for human rights and recognition of the inherent dignity of all people. MBA Prerequisites for Admission To be considered for admission to the Full-Time MBA Program, you must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited US college or university or its equivalent in another country. Students in the specialization are equipped to intervene at multiple levels and systematically analyze schools and make recommendations for change at the individual, group, school-wide, district-wide, community or larger levels. Other transcripts may be sent at the applicant's discretion. This program option is completed in 1 academic year for applicants who have completed a Council of Social Work Education (CSWE) accredited baccalaureate degree in social work program within the past 6 years. Requires 2 days per week of classroom courses. Candidates must complete 62 semester hours at the 500 level, including work in each of five curriculum areas:... Residence. ... MSW Program Requirements MSW Plan of Study MSW Financial Aid MSW Field Instruction ... MSW Admissions. Master of Social Work (MSW) The Master's in Social Work degree is a two-year program offering advanced practice training in clinical, school and community settings. International Students TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE. The score level required for admission varies by program. Organization and Community Practice: The Organization and Community Practice (OCP) Specialization prepares students for advanced organizational development and community practice in urban communities. Choose from one of two concentrations: 1. Only the TOEFL iBT or IELTS Academic tests are accepted as proof of proficiency. Transfer students must meet the minimal admission requirements. The student selects a specialization and registers for their class... Field Instruction requirement is 24 hours per week in specialization year (min. Each class is worth four hours of graduate credit. Skip to the content of this page, The Forensic Social Work concentration prepares you for practice and advocacy in set… Conceptually grounded in the social determinants of health and a human rights framework, this specialization emphasizes a macro approach to advancing social justice. The rigor and quality of an SSA education have earned us a spot among the top graduate schools of social work in the world. The Generalist portion of the MSW curriculum provides a generalist perspective on social work practice. Mental Health: The Mental Health Specialization prepares students with competencies for specialized practice in a variety of public and public-supported behavioral health settings. Requires 2 days per week of classroom courses. All inquiries about admission or about the progress of a particular application should be addressed directly to: [email protected] The University of Chicago The School of Social Service Administration 969 E. 60th St. Chicago, IL 60637 630 hours total). The School of Social Work may admit students who have successfully completed MSW coursework in another accredited school of social work. Before you apply for admission to the Full-Time MBA Program at Chicago Booth, you’ll need to make sure you meet certain criteria. Learn More ». This program option is completed in 2 academic years. For complete details please see MSW Admission Eligibility Requirements. Thank you for your interest in the University of Michigan School of Social Work. Welcome to the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration on-line application! Admission Requirements A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university Evidence of personal attributes that are suitable for the profession of social work A minimum grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or better for the last sixty (60) semester hours or … The number of credit hours is determined on a case by case basis. University of Chicago typically accepts and attracts "A" average high school students. I promise, one day, to be in a position so I can help more students fulfill their dreams. This program option is completed in 3 academic years. Project LEAD prepares special educators and school social workers through grant-funded scholarships to earn initial certification in their respective programs and additional training to improve outcomes for youth with disabilities who are involved or at risk for becoming involved in the juvenile justice system. The Master of Social Work degree requires students to complete 62 semester credit hours of course work. We believe that only a truly interdisciplinary social work education---a combination of practice, policy, and research---produces individuals with the intellectual foundation and practical skills to be effective agents of change. Degree Requirements. Just like for the SAT, University of Chicago likely doesn't have a hard ACT cutoff, but if you score too low, your application will get tossed in the trash. the main menu, We look forward to reading your application. Interdepartmental Concentration in Violence Studies: Consists of at least 11 semester hours of course work (4 courses). Curriculum areas include social work practice, human behavior and the social environment, social work research, social welfare policy and services, and field instruction. Learn More », Project LEAD: This program is available to currently enrolled Generalist students.