If they are together, they became the worst team ever example on ep 348-349&481. The original members of Running Man are Yoo Jae-suk, Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Gary, Haha, Lee Kwang-soo, and Song Joong-ki. taken from the movie, The tallest member of the cast, initially introduced alongside Gary and Song Joong-ki as one of the "variety rookies" due to his lack of experience on variety shows prior to, The bravest and luckiest member of the show, who initially only appeared as a guest, but was added to the main cast in episode 6. Since Kim Jong-kook resembles a tiger and Lee Kwang-soo resembles a giraffe, their relationship is known as, After Haha and Lee Kwang-soo became betrayal masters, Ji Suk-jin was added and they became the, These two are often seen fighting with each other. Song Ji-hyo was originally a guest for the second (episode 2-3) and third landmark (episode 4-5). Image: YouTube (Xuan) The host of the event asked how she felt after Kang Gary’s sudden marriage announcement. When they are grouped, they always have an serengeti atmosphere as Kim Jong-kook says in Episode 87. Dating Rumors with Actress Song Ji-hyo daebaknews.co. They're neighbors and both living in Mapo-gu which is where the name comes from. [19] Ace and the Two Kids (에이스과두 아이). He is also often referenced to the color green throughout the show and is also known for his nickname "Grasshopper" from his first television appearances. Formerly known as the youngest member of the show (at 19 years old), Lizzy is known for her cute looks and her "aegyo". On ep 42, Song Ji-hyo gives Yoo Jae-suk a candy to make an alliance with him. She becomes scary when money gets involved. Lee Kwang-soo adds him to the team and ends up adding Jeon So-min to the team as well deeming them both as "clumsy." When Jeon So-min first entered the show, she used to take care of Yoo Jae-suk and Ji Suk-jin because they were old. His theme song is "House You Live In" by, The strongest member of the cast, Kim Jong-kook is known for his strength and skill during the race missions. She is largely known as a B-, or maybe a C-list actress and she is nowhere near the rank of Ha Ji Won, Kim Tae Hee, Moon Geun … Even though Lee Kwang-soo goes to a different exit, he's still identified as one because of his betraying behaviour. As the show occasionally hands out gold as the prize for winning the final mission, she is known to have always won it. Wonder which is what happens between Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji-hyo. The main cast of Running Man are like family, so it’s not surprising if dating rumors spread among them. These two are often seen playing around with each other. Since becoming a member, he quickly becomes a member of the unlucky group along with Yoo Jae-suk, Ji Suk-jin and Lee Kwang-soo. She is one of the strongest players during the missions with similar running, catching capabilities and intelligence comparable to Yoo Jae-suk and Kim Jong-kook, though lacking in quiz missions except to 5 second quiz or common knowlenge quiz. These four are always on the same team which is mission team whether it's instruction, chosen or fate. Both of them are one of the betrayers, cheaters and tiger moths, along with Haha in the show. Usually Kim Jong-kook wins the battle. He is also referred as the #8, in terms of appearance. Only Jaesuk, Sukjin, Haha, Sechan and Somin arrived at exit 8. Some viewers say they are sick and tired of love lines but we can’t hide what happens while filming. Despite Ji-hyo's quick wit and strength, which earned her the name 'Running Man's Ace', she is usually slow during quizzes. During the first Running Man Hunting (Episode 52), Kim Jong-kook and Ji Suk-jin were the first members to be eliminated via rolling the dice in the Race to Kyungjoo mission. Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo decided to collectively donate their remaining salary from SBS in full. 512. Song Ji-hyo was often known to swear and became bad during broadcasts towards Kwang-soo. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "[ 런닝맨 제292회 ⟨런닝맨 제1회 꽝손 페스티벌⟩ 촬영 현장 사진 ] 런닝맨 제292회 게스트로 돌아온 #리지. The two have been close friends since prior to, This "loveline" was formed after the announcement that Song Ji-hyo was dating the CEO, This was formed in Episode 82 when Lee Kwang-soo and Kim Jong-kook were paired in a team. These two are also known as ace, same with Ji-hyo. In conclusion, the article is being considered false by news outlets. In the early days of “Running Man” it seemed like Song Ji Hyo could have ... other members commented on Kim Jong Kook‘s tendency to start … Kim Jong Kook revealed he almost quit 'Running Man' because of Kang Ho Dong. (세찬의 여친구(? In late 2017, Song Ji-hyo addressed the dating rumor between her and Kim Jong-kook, “I know that according to fans, there is a love line between me and Kim Jong Kook. Singer Kim Jong Kook and actress Song Ji Hyo of “ Running Man ” have been swept up in dating rumors. The first mention of the term "Monday Couple" was in episode 12, although the relationship had been developing a few episodes prior. The moths which is Jaesuk, Sukjin, Haha, Kwangsoo, Sechan and Somin keep on telling each other that they are going to exit 8 since they are "moths drawn to flames". So Min is considered the new player of the cast after taking on the role from Kwang Soo, often getting flustered around handsome male guests, though the other members frequently tease her by pairing her with Se-chan or Jong-kook. The relationship of these three is that of friends with bad luck, notably failed the mission when being together as a team. The race definitely went in an unexpected direction as well-- true to form Song ji-hyo managed to steal an unbelievable victory in just about the most understated way ever (although the foil of having LKS there was hilarious), while KJK had the most dramatic victory with the lightening speed at which he tricked everyone else and broke away. It first attracted attention from episode 15 when Song Joong-ki kissed Song Ji-hyo on the cheek. These two paired for the first time during Episode 349's secret mission named, This was formed in Episode 351 when Yoo Jae-Suk called them the 'Mong-Dol sisters' and said that the 'Mong'. They also often seen standing together during opening. It started when they failed the mission in Osaka (Episode 347 & 348), and in Mongolia (Episode 351-353) with Jihyo. He replace Kwang-soo's role as Jong-kook's lackey, and become his favourite person, accidentally making Kwang-soo fury and became abandoned, however in later episodes he and Kwang-soo are best friends. She was officially added to the main cast since episode 346. On December 19th, a Running Man staff revealed that the two celebrities decided to donate their remaining salary from all of their upcoming appearances. Nowadays, Ji-hyo tends to pick Haha in couple races because she likes his charm and that results to them teaming up a lot. Recently, there’s been a rumor floating around online saying that they’re either dating or getting married soon. He becomes one of the most capable players in the series, and is, along with Kim Jong-kook, considered to be one of the two main powers in missions. Ji Suk-jin called out Yang Se-chan, Haha, and with Yoo Jae-suk's help, Lee Kwang-soo, as the stupid trio because of their usual lacking performance during quiz segments. His theme songs are "Step by Step" by, The primary joker of the cast and is usually picked on by other members because of his height and his similar appearance to, The oldest member of the show and one of Yoo Jae-suk's closest friends, having known each other for more than 20 years. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. This group has a set of animal nicknames. Often at which, Lee Kwang-soo would state that it sounds like the name of, In earlier Episodes, this trio was often eliminated the earliest during. This group was formed after Yoo Jae-suk created it, due to the fact that the mentioned members were in one team. She has a capability to hold steel objects on her body like a magnet. They even can betray and cheat each other. The two show a. Lee Kwang-soo claims to be close friends with Song Joong-ki as they were of the same age (both born in 1985), but Song Joong-ki would often deny their close friendship, leaving Kwang-soo appearing depressed. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. 384 votes, 96 comments. The original members of Running Man are Yoo Jae-suk, Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Gary, Haha, Lee Kwang-soo, and Song Joong-ki. Their great chemistry is noticed very early even before the show starts on. The official loveline of the show, they show interest in each other on Mondays, which is the day the show was filmed. [6] On April 3, 2017, it was confirmed through various media outlets that Running Man is adding comedian Yang Se-chan and actress Jeon So-min. She is also one of the smartest and it's one of Ace Trio. He was officially added to the main cast since episode 346. After it was revealed that Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo were kicked off the show, rumors circulated that the remaining members were contemplating on leaving the show as well. The rumor started with an article titled, “Running Man’s Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo in love. Due to their talkative nature, they both make fun of Lee Kwang-soo and when one is not making fun of him, the other will. In Episode 356, the members have to choose an exit to get a certain amount of money for the mission. If they are playing hide and seek, they always need to hide. Singer Soya �expressed her opinion on her uncle Kim Jong Kook �and Song Ji Hyo 's marriage potential.� Soya talked to Star News on January 25 about her relationship with Kim Jong Kook… Song Joong-ki finally admitted to their close friendship in his leaving speech during the filming of his last episode (Episode 41). He is also one of the smartest and it's one of Ace Trio. [1] Song Ji-hyo was originally a guest for the second (episode 2-3) and third landmark (episode 4-5). He is shown to have a close relationship with a lot of the guests on the show, which he often boasts about to the other members. His animal is a Catfish. The team was formed in Ep 501 when they had The 1st Running Man Quiz Strongest Person War. [3] Lizzy was initially a guest for episode 13 and episode 14, but later officially joined the program, starting episode 18. People started to notice that the two were always seated together whether it be on the show and even at the 2017 SBS Entertainment Awards. The four members also often to have a special connection, which the other members of the show couldn't understand. They are also given the nickname "the ugly tribe" in Episode 346 when it was concluded that when the world comes to an end, the four males would be together. The two are the bravest among all the members in the series. They have that mouths that protrudes, making them both very loud and talkative. They have been known as rivals since the 1st episode, and are considered as two of the strongest players in the series. Lee Kwang-soo , Song Ji-hyo. Haha was no longer in the group as he joined another team which consists of 3 lucky members. This encourages other members to call them "Team Clumsy" and Yoo Jae-suk makes up a new nickname for them which is "Clumsy Jeon and Awkward Ji." Her theme song is the, One of the youngest members of the show, who initially appeared as a guest for a couple of episodes. She officially joined the program in the fourth landmark (episode 6) but was unable to attend until the fifth landmark (episode 7). In the series, these two are known for betraying other members. Haha, on the other hand, pointed Song Ji-hyo as their real captain. This page was last edited on 23 December 2020, at 18:52. However, it was revealed that Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook were not given any notice about their removal, resulting in an overwhelming negative reaction. As a main host, he has been featured as a protagonist in many special episodes, which presented him with a nickname of Yoo-mes Bond. •••", "Reunion #Lizzy from #OrangeCaramel!! In the end, Song Ji-hyo betrays Yoo Jae-suk by ripping off his name tag which made him loses his mind and go crazy. In that episode, they call each other and talk about the mission. The rivalry between Gary and Haha had existed since way back and it got worsen when they fight over Ji-hyo as they were involved in a love triangle but was just recently confirmed in episode 275 where they'd have been bickering a lot more than usual in the past few episodes. Song Ji Hyo was in Malaysia with a few of the Running Man cast for a fan meet which includes Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa and Lee Kwang Soo. They are the most dirty players who known to cheat on the show. In Episode 99, they've given a spy mission to oust their kings respectively but they fail the mission. She used to b a member of RM~ Missed u ma lil sis! Kim Jong-kook is the tiger, Ji Suk-jin is the Impala, and Lee Kwang-soo is the giraffe. She officially joined the program in the fourth landmark (episode 6) but was unable to attend until the fifth landmark (episode 7). He is shown to be jealous of the good relationship between Yoo Jae-suk and Kim Jong-kook. Kim Jong-kook (center left) and Song Ji-hyo (center right) during the latest episode of the variety show 'Running Man' on Sunday (SBS via The Korea Herald/File) Kim handed the doll to Song … 런닝맨 제292회 3월 27일 오후 4시50분 방송 예정. It said fans spread the information about married on SNS very quickly. The relationship seemed one-sided until episode 16 when Ji-hyo told the cast that on Mondays she has a man, referring to Gary. The decision came after they showed their chemistry with the other members time when they guested on the show[7] So-min coined the term after they finished the penalty. Later, the show was filmed on both Mondays and Tuesdays, leading to jokes about the couple not being in effect on Tuesdays. So there I was, on the edge of my seat, anticipating some juicy details. Besides that, So min always complained being team up with these two as she said they are old and are very needy. This two are a mess if they are in a team, the worst when Haha joins as the members said whoever team up with them will get tired example ep 481. However, Ji Suk-jin is always jealous of the good relationship Jae-suk has with Kim Jong-kook. I've been binging on We Got Married nowadays. But in the second quarter of 2020 Yang Se-chan dropped out of ep 516 due to health problems before returning in ep 517. The pairing between Song Ji Hyo and Kang Gary was one of the longest-running jokes in Running Man. With Kim Jong Kook’s mother declaring Song Ji Hyo to be her daughter-in-law, the actress, herself, clarified the real truth behind their on-screen chemistry. Since it was the first time the strongest and weakest member were together, the mood after the elimination was awkward. Kim Jong Kook & Hong Jin Young. She is often seen with confused or blank facial expressions most of the time. [63] [64] In addition, news of Kang Ho-dong refusing the offer to join the new season resulted in a possible cancellation of Season 2 of Running Man . However, she has left the crew since episode 26 due to schedule conflicts with After School, the K-pop group she joined. Prior to Running Man, Song Ji Hyo had acted in more than 10 films and TV shows.Many consider Frozen Flower to be her biggest movie role to-date. ‘Marriage.’ They should be congratulated.” It turns out the article was made up of assumptions and opinions rather than facts and confirmations from Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo. Because of Jong Kook's dominance and power, these three often try to be on the same team as him, and they don't mind acting as his servants. Before Yang Se-chan joined the show, Yoo Jae-suk, Ji Suk-jin, Haha and Lee Kwang-soo were known as the unlucky members. On December 13, insiders revealed that a new season is in the discussion for next year with anew member,Kang Ho Dong,joining, and current members, Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook… Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin captured on their last date for Chinese 'We Got Married' In Episode , there was an episode featuring them, where they were listed as the Betrayers Club who attempts to steal a treasure. One of the youngest members of the show, who initially appeared as a guest for a couple of episodes. Romance was really sizzling and the chemistry was off the charts! They also notable for condemning to the hell of ramen which bringing them to mission failure, starting in Episode 390 in Okinawa, and in the End Year's Special (Episode 429-431). Their team looks like 2 uncles and a niece. She is also known as the female version of Yoo Jae-suk and Kim Jong-kook which is noticed by Lee Kwang-soo on ep 177. As mentioned in chapter 481, any team with those three together will end up tired of their activity. Throughout the series, she has been involved in the official loveline of the show alongside Gary. It has been speculated that Kim Jong Jook and Song Ji Hyo might be in a relationship and I’m not talking about Gary and Ji Hyo’s ‘Monday Couple’ type of relationship, I’m talking a real relationship. What is the truth behind this rumor? Also, in Chapter 504, when they made fun of the fact that they were his best friends, they say that they were the Suck-ups. On the July 29th episode of 'Knowing Brothers', Kim Jong Kook … They later evolved into a siblings relationship as the, A twist on the name of the former Korean band. Singer Kim Jong Kook and actress Song Ji Hyo of “Running Man” have been swept up in dating rumors. After the format has changed, they often team up too with guest. Shortly afterward, SBS announced that the show will be cancelled and the cast would reunite together for the final few episodes. )), (불운의 새로운 왕)Number 8 (여덟 번째)The Emerging Unlucky Guy (신흥꽝손)Butler (집사)Cheater (쌥쌥이)Jong-kook's Junior Lackey (종국 주니어 래키)Commander's Favorite (사령관의 즐겨 찾기)Yang No Name (양무명)Jong Kook's Biggest Fan (종국의 가장 큰 팬)So-min's Future Boyfriend (소민의 will 남친)Cobra (코브라)Sebastian (세바스찬), SpartAce (스파타에이스)Good Fortunes (좋은 행운)The Predators (육식 동물)Slave Hunter Couple (노예 사냥꾼 커플)Kook-Mong Couple (국멍 커플)American Couple (미국 커플)Future Couple (미커/미래 커플), Betrayal Brothers(배신 형제) Tallest and Shortest (가장 높고 가장 짧은)Cheating brothers(부정 행위 형제), (능력자종국 과 그의조수)Kook-Soo (국수)Tiger and Giraffe (호랑이와 기린)[15]"Jong-kook and his Veteran Lackley", Love Triangle (삼각 관계) [The TV report News] Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji-hyo was suddenly engulfed in rumors. [8]Lee Kwang-soo return on ep 497 while Jeon So-min return on ep 506. Before Running Man. They split the money by 5 and each get 20 dollars (since the highest was 100 dollars). She's even dubbed as '. Dubbed the "Race Starter" during the race missions, he is shown to be one of the weakest members and is the most frequently eliminated, so easily that the other members would declare that the race has officially started after his elimination. There were even reports of the two of us getting married”. Eng-Subbed Speech … Well deserved. It is a group placed within "moths", which have the tendency to be the most betraying, cheating and treacherous of the group especially if the prize is money. They have great chemistry and easily betray and cheat the other members and each other, even when being partnered together. During the missions, he is known for his sudden appearances that are often accompanied by the soundbite "This is Sparta!" Song Ji Hyo �recently talked marriage, the chances of dating Kim Jong Kook, and more. Ever since her first appearance in the program, Jeon So-min has been showing same personalities and characters as Lee Kwang-soo. She originally appeared as a guest in episodes 13 and 14, but later joined the main cast in episode 18. She is known as the female version of Lee Kwang-soo and Haha because of her betraying other members, cheating and becoming a tiger moth which is the same with Lee Kwang-soo and Haha. Last week, Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo suffered immense stress after […] Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook confirmed their departures via their agents following the departure of rapper Gary, 38, said the website. His official colour is grey. These two are often arguing, joking and fighting with each other when they meet. This was formed when Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Kwang-soo was paired up as a team in Episode 90 by combining both their surnames together, 유(Yoo) and 이(Lee, pronounced ee). However Haha gets married in 2012 and the love triangle between the three ends. (떠돌아 다니는 여자)Crazy Lady (돌+아이)Frog (개구리)Parrot (앵무새)Magnet Lady (자석 인간)Investigator (수사관)Love Prosecutor So-min (연애검찰 돌소민)Clumsy Jeon (전어리)Psycho (정신병자)Fart Lady (방귀 아가씨)Jeon Fart (전 방)The Love Frog (사랑 개구리)Poet So-min (시인 소민)Fake Idol (가짜 우상)Crazy Poet (정신나간 시인)Se-chan's Girlfriend(?) Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo are nothing more than fellow entertainers appearing side-by-side on “Running Man.” Even so, the article is spreading online like wildfire as though it’s factual. He is also the most gullible among the cast, as he gets easily tricked, particularly towards business investments, though he is also sometimes portrayed to be smart, particularly towards Korean history. In Episode 27, Ji Suk-jin was referred to as Yoo Jae-suk's "sunflower" (always facing towards him) and was officially christened as such in Episode 40. "런닝맨 중 누가 가장 운이 없나요? These two are often on the same team and they have an endearing older brother/little brother relationship throughout the show and often address each other as such in a playful manner. The two MCs have been close friends for more than 20 years and that they both have "Suk" in their name. Kim Jong Kook join Lee Hyo Ri as artist who won daesang in different fields. They keep on blaming each other on coming here. [2] In April 2011, Song Joong-ki recorded his last episode (episode 41) in May, and has left the program to focus on his acting career but returned on episode 66 as a guest after leaving for almost half a year, and later made cameo appearances in several episodes. They are also considered as one of the strongest teams in, These two are often seen bickering with each other. Ironically, because of the treacherous nature of these two, both are specialists in psychological warfare and one cannot use common sense with that pair, as mentioned in ep. They face the penalty of selling bungeoppang while on Yondu make-up. In episode 425, Yoo Jae-suk ironically called themselves F4, a reference to. The article talked as if something had happened between the two celebrities, citing the fact that they were being overly friendly on SBS’s “Running Man.” The writer treated the opinions of the onlookers as if they were facts coming from Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo themselves. She also uses a unique, The visual member of the show, who was introduced alongside Gary and Lee Kwang-soo as one of the "variety rookies" due to his lack of experience on variety shows prior to, The most gullible and honest member of the show, who was introduced alongside Lee Kwang-soo and Song Joong-ki as one of the "variety rookies" due to his lack of experience on variety shows prior to. She later makes a comeback as a guest in episode 292, after 5 years since her last appearance.