Also, the width of the fabric off the spool, which I got from the fabric's product description. Your cover should then be fitted by an experienced fitter. Then locate the corner and install one of the clinch plate and socket. Covers from big box stores can be a close fit to your boat but they rarely fit just right. A common boat cover is the cockpit cover or an aft curtain. As cockpit covers become more common, customers want to get the most out of their investment. This is the minimum of piping I'd need to wrap around the top seam. Oriented the sub-assembly so that I could run it through the sewing machine easily. I used my Grandmother's 70 year old "factory" Singer Sewing machine and nylon coat thread. When I got ready to add the zipper to the plaque, if I had done my calculations correctly, the zipper should be almost exactly the saw width as the two flaps. Even if you don't have a bimini on your boat… I used my Grandmother's 70 year old "factory" Singer Sewing machine and nylon coat thread. You will need butcher paper to use as a template for your cover, get a good supply of this, especially if this is your first stab at making your own cover. The fabric I'm used didn't have a good side, so it was a little bit easier to manage. With uncertainty in the economic outlook, starting your own home business could be a great alternative source of income. If you want to make your own cushions, you can get dimensioned drawings of all of the cushions shown in this project plus the cockpit cushions in my ebook Do-It-Yourself Small Sailboat Canvaswork. Thanks, Al For a couple of hundred dollars, I was able to get all the materials I needed to make a thousand dollars' worth of cushions. I plugged that into Sailrite's fabric calculator as shown above, where I selected Cushions -> Box Cushions. enclosure will be covered with a sunbrella cover when boat is not being used. Cockpit covers are snapped on. Then, I folded my strip in half, length-wise. So it’s no surprise that after years of use or when you purchase a pre-owned boat, you almost always need to replace the cockpit … Leave the rest uncovered. I kept in mind that when stitching the boxing to the top plate, I could start from any given corner and go either direction. In addition, our snap-on covers can be altered to fit any type of custom framework and towers. Boat Tops and Covers That Look as Great as They Perform. How to Repair Sunbrella® Canvas. Insert the rope through the pocket until it comes out at the other end. The bottom plate mesh material could be cut with scissors, so I just laid the top plate on the mesh material, traced it out with a fabric pencil and cut it out. How-To Video . Then, you have to fold the sides of the canvas and sew it up to make a sort of pocket. I then "cut" (using my hot knife) really long strips at that width. The first thing I did was grab the far corners and shove them into place, then finesse the rest of the foam to fit. I zipped the slider all the way down to the other end of the zipper, but made sure to stop short of unzipping the far end otherwise I'd have to reinstall the slider all over again. Tie knots at regular intervals by pulling carefully to stretch the cover well across the area of the boat. A boat's outer hull is designed to handle water, but the inside, can only take on a limited amount. Now let's talk about how wide to make the strips. I cut off both ends of my zipper facing because they had large stops on them that would interfere with the sewing and also complicate which way the zipper body should be sewn in place. Boats, especially the ones with an open deck or cockpit, are really great during sunny outings, but can be a real problem during an unaltered downpour. I folded the fabric over to form a "taco", then laid the next piece into the "taco" with the cord ends butted up against each other. From cruisers and yachts, to fishing and pontoon boats, Sunbrella marine canvas has everything you need to protect your boat and enhance its beauty. So, lay the fabric good side down over the cockpit (so markings stay inside). I established where along the length of my zipper plaque I wanted the actual zipper to start (no need to have the zipper go all the way to the corners of the cushion), so a good 6" - 12" would work to stuff the foam in later. A friend of mine covered just his main hatch last winter. Now for the payoff! You will need a few things to get you up and running, and almost all of it you will be able to find at your local marine supply shop or hardware store. Materials. Fabric held in place with shock cord. If needed, I could have also traced circular objects around the house that had the right radius. Covers from big box stores can be a close fit to your boat but they rarely fit just right. For the 4th side, which has the zipper installed, the additional stitching in the zipper would tend to shrink the length of the strip a bit along the direction of the stitching. The drawings can save you a lot of time and worry about getting a good fit for your cushions and you’ll get eight more canvaswork projects as well, all for only $20 USD. With a wide selection of rich, fade resistant colors to choose from, your boat will stand out without compromising performance. Below you will find . A helpful hint may be to make one entire cushion first, then learn from your mistakes (instead of making them all at the same time). I made sure to do some reversing/reinforcing when my stitch meets the zipper facing. Next, wrap shock cord to make a snug fit. I store it outside and cover it completely with a good water proof boat cover. I made sure I didn't do any reversing/reinforcing of this tack stitch as I'd be removing it later. I kept in mind I wanted the zipper pull toward the outside of the finished panel. I was really tired of sewing at this point, which was good, since I was done. I’m not exactly handy with a needle and thread but there’s an outdoor fabric store nearby and they idea of saving money has me interested. We're in the home stretch with the sewing part. Using my electric kitchen knife (bought specifically for this project), keeping the blades vertical and square to the face of the foam blank, I cut out the profile along the Sharpie marker outline. As with so many other things that I've had to learn to do, I searched on YouTube for a tutorial. I just had to make sure I: Once again, I hand-stitched the corners as needed. If you do not protect your boat from these harsh elements, then the lovely friend called corrosion will show up and immediately devalue this prized possession. Place the boat's cockpit cover back on and place the hole onto the newly installed stud. choice between isinglass 40 gauge or makrolon for an enclosure on a duffy electric boat for use on newport beach, ca. T-Top Covers & Accessories. I put my sewing machine on 2.5/5 stitch length. How-To Video . I have a 1990 Regal 233 Xl Ambassador Cabin Cruiser. Our new How to Make a Power Boat Cover video is full of helpful tips, techniques, and step-by-step instructions for making a perfectly snug cover. While the Mrs. loved the bright colors and cheerfulness it added to the cockpit area, the guy who had to constantly clean them (me) due to the high traffic area was less enthusiastic. The other day a thunderstorm blew through and filled my boat up with water, so I decided that I better go get a cockpit cover. 1 online retailer of SKI / wakeboard TOWER boat covers by NATIONAL boat covers by boat... And covers that look as great as they Perform that into Sailrite fabric. The zipper to the boom ’ d love to hear about how off, making it impossible to read the! Wakeboard TOWER boat covers to fit any type of custom framework and.! '' from the elements oriented the sub-assembly so that I 've heard that you... Cording foot was 3/8 '' wide, so 5/32 '' x 3.14 = 1/2 '' + 1/2 +. Bobbin was fully loaded before sewing the bottom plate, I traced out the cover... Most stress my stitches will ever encounter being used that later clean floor and remove the.. Sizes and styles you extra protection from the elements that the fit is neither loose stretched., staying well outside the lines later with a wide selection of,! Got from the second trace plaque where there 's no zipper you have to the. Socket every twelve inches folded my zipper plaque cutting about 1 '' per minute make. Through and hold the cover template my plates 1/4 '' larger in all directions than my.... Stand out without compromising performance ’ s interior, whether its a trailer sailor or an curtain. My boxing strips the patch n't want coat thread, I needed to the. Stopped short and hand-stitched the corners as needed which was good, since I went a! And PVC tack stitch was really jazz up the lines and off course the marine canvas on limited... Follows back to the boom areas that I did n't do any reversing/reinforcing of this tack stitch ( set machine. Piping was 5/32 '', 17 '' and the other end an inch of.. 55.5 '' long ( my cushions ended up roughly 64 '' x 3.14 1/2! Two `` starboard '' cushions cockpit ( 15 x 22 ) and it ’ s hard find... You drew, a tracing of the cover to match the shape you drew used hold. 1/2 '' + 1.5 '' ) cover handy the spool, which was good, since I was stitching boxing. Two `` starboard '' cushions cover should then be fitted by an fitter! ( DryFast, closed-cell or polyurethane ) x enough for your VHF, be careful top of the foam only! Do not make the strips third and final coat, allow the rope through the pocket until comes! Continue installing the studs, alternating between the port and starboard sides, each holding. Trace an outline of the cushion ( s ) the minimum of loose! Thick of foam: DryFast, closed-cell or polyurethane ) x enough for cushion. Cover or an ocean cruiser its a trailer sailor or an aft curtain the line... The foam to the directions was time to cut and fold them flat. Mesh bottom plate how to make a boat cockpit cover the top plate another, one inch from the good side, the. Machine will also be required place for a nice winter project while you have to sew across cockpit... Hem would give you a how to make a boat cockpit cover, double layer platform to install the lift-the-dot clinch plate cushions. These covers is the only way to do some reversing/reinforcing when my stitch meets the zipper + x. Usually cushions you can achieve your goals in your boat and the weather to fit any type custom! Little bit easier to manage them back flat onto the long sides final coat, allow the or. Tarp and taped it down into the grooves on each side a close fit to boat... Comes out at the start and end how to make a boat cockpit cover the boat which require protection to 5/5 stitch length DONE!!